Golden Rain Spa Brochure Design

Relax in our indoor pool area, with a stunning panorama view of the city. Indulge in one of it’s many benefits, such as a jacuzzi, whirlpool, heated area and many more.

Swissotel Sarajevo offers 2000 sqm of Wellness and Spa facilities, located on two consecutive floors. The sixth floor is for mixed use, both female and male, while the seventh floor is a ladies only spa. The Golden Rain Spa by Swissotel Sarajevo is designed in a contemporary manner, with latest technological and recreational innovations, all combined to provide our guests complete relaxation and soothing of body, mind and soul. One of our many treatments include the hot stone massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu, Swedish and sport massage, foot reflexology, hammam, lymphatic drainage, refreshing and rejuvenating facials, couple spa experiences, anti-age and beauty treatments.


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Swissotel Sarajevo


Engin Obucic
Cluster Head of Marketing